Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding

As a Freight Forwarder, Combine Cargo arranges for the safe carriage of goods into, out-of, and throughout Malawi and the African region. In executing this task we take care of all documentation needed to move the shipment from origin to destination. Combine Cargo offers a comprehensive international service and has developed a regional network of partners that enables us to speedily transit your goods with increased dependability. This gives our customers the guarantee that their goods arrive on time, intact and damage free.

Import and Export

road freight

Import or Export clearance is done through a Customs Clearing Agent like Combine Cargo. Import or Export documents are submitted to customs online. Once the documents are submitted, they are subjected to documentary checks/ and or physical inspection.

Malawi is a signatory to a number of multilateral and bilateral trade agreements. Trade agreements offer an opportunity for qualifying goods to be exported/ imported duty free and quota free. Our operations staff will provide necessary guidance when requested.