Senior Chief Kapeni Hails Combine Cargo


Senior Chief Kapeni of Blantyre on Sunday praised Combine Cargo Limited for initiating a village water project in his area, along the road to Mpemba.

The Mussa Water Project, he said, would help curb diarrheal diseases that have been rampant around the area due to scarcity of safe and portable water.

“Water is life and he who helps out on water problems is great and deserve our praise. The problems of water people faced around Mussa Village is well known and so are the risks of diarrheal diseases that we encountered here, it is for this reason that I wholeheartedly thank Mr. Edward Kalua, Managing Director of Combine Cargo for igniting this initiative,” said Senior Traditional Authority Kapeni.

The water project includes the construction of a borehole and instilling issues of water and hygiene in the respective area, according to Senior Group Village Head Kajombo; whose catchment area hosts the project.

Kapeni, however, appealed to the communities around the area to properly manage the facility as well as have a sense of ownership for the project. Read More



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