Customs Clearing


Combine Cargo offers Customs Brokerage & Customs Clearance services for the convenience of our customers. In the provision of this service Combine Cargo handles all of the procedures involved in getting cargo released by Customs. This typically involves a series of formalities such as presenting import licenses/permits, payment of import duties and other required documentations depending on the nature of the cargo that is being cleared. Our staff will provide you with proficient customs documentation drawn from years of experience. In that regard, the Company was awarded with a Certificate of Merit by the World Customs Organization for rendering exceptional services to customs administration in Malawi.

Combine Cargo is directly linked to Malawi Revenue Authority – Customs Division network. This means that inbound goods are cleared and delivered to our customers speedily. Customs documentation is submitted to customs online. Once the submission is done, the documents are subjected to documentary checks and or physical inspection. A request for goods examination is triggered by MRA Risk Management considerations that form part of customs clearance.